Wildlife Pools

These are a particular favourite of our customers

Customers know how important it is these days to do what they can to encourage wildlife diversity in this age of monoculture, pesticides and pond drainage. For many gardens the magic ingredient is…….water!

Once a wildlife pond has been dug out, carefully shaped, lined, landscaped in, filled with water and a few carefully selected native plants added, you can sit back and let nature do the rest. As if from nowhere, pondskaters, water boatmen, diving beetles, newts, toads, frogs and magnificent dragonflies will appear and make it their habitat. Add a little fountain, waterfall or bubbling rill, if you love the sound of running water, and you will have completed the transformation. You have done something for the environment and it has done something for you.

Poolscape, has specialised in creating wildlife ponds for some years now. We know how to make just the right habitat to encourage and nurture the future inhabitants of a wildlife pond. We know about the different plants for different areas in the water and out; about bog creation; about paths and viewing platforms; about safety for children and animals; about keeping things in balance and solving problems that can occur.

If you are thinking about creating a wildlife pond, contact us. We will advise, provide materials and plants, do vital work or even carry out the whole project.

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