Vortex Pro 4WD Robot Cleaner

Pool cleaning robots certainly make life easier when it comes to keeping your natural swimming pool clean.

Here we feature the    Zodiac® Vortex™PRO 4WD from Lighthouse.

A high performance, stand alone robotic cleaner.  With it’s own on-board filtration system and a simple mains power connection, Vortex robots are easy to use with programmable cleaning time and reach, accessing every corner of the pool, the walls and the water line, collecting debris in the on-board basket.

Thanks to the embedded Cyclonic Suction, a patented Zodiac® technology, the cleaning performance is maintained throughout the cleaning cycle, even capturing the finest debris without clogging the filter.

Equipped with 4-wheel drive, these robotic cleaners are truly all terrain; they adapt to all kinds of surfaces, perfectly grip the walls and get over obstacles more easily. Most Vortex PRO 4WD cleaners also come with Zodiac’s Lift System technology, so they are 20% lighter when lifted from the water. Each robot comes with an automatic swivel system to avoid cable tangles during cleaner operation in the pool.

The Zodiac Vortex 5400 is suitable for liners, polyester hull, reinforced PVC, painted concrete and tiled pools which are rectangular, oval or free shape. The Vortex is happy to clean flat bottom pools, gentle slopes, composite slops and diamond shapes up to a pool size 12 x 6m, with an 18m cable.

Utilising 4WD, the robot will effectively clean the floor, the walls and waterline with a filtering level of 100 microns. The rigid filter cannister with top access has a capacity of 5 litres and there is a full filter indicator. The Vortex comes with it’s own trolley and a 3 year warranty.

To find out more, please visit lighthousepools.co.uk

Contact us on  07974 390452  or email  peter@poolscape.co.uk.

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