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Poolscape offers complete, flexible aquatic and surrounding landscape services, from a small garden water feature to large commercial projects, including lakes and public natural swimming pools. We don't just specialise in Natural Pools either, we offer all kinds of landscaping services.

Our knowledge holds no bounds when it comes to anything to do with water based landscaping, but rest assured that our range of services spreads far and wide and goes well beyond just building beautiful natural pools.

We are able to design and build all areas of your garden or green space, we even offer a variety of maintenance packages to make sure things stay just as beautiful well into the future. 


Regular maintenance service available within 60 miles radius of our aquatic nursery in Hereford ( one off backup service available nationwide)

1. Deep clean vacuuming with (specialist water return system to save  water) of swimming chamber, stopping the build up of organic waste and algae (As Required) 

2. Spot vacuuming of filter beds for organic waste including tree leaves and blanketweed 

3. Reed filter beds, annually cutting back of Reed beds and removal of organic waste ready for next growing season

4. Biological filters annually service and removal of organic materials (hybrid/living pools)

5. Phosphate binder replacement on both filling water filter and inline filters

6. Power washing of swimming chamber with specialist equipment to remove any bio film and Limescale (As Required)

7. Major service of reed bed filters every 3/5 years of the original swimming ponds 

8. Summer cutting back of oxygenators and top up as required

9. UV Lamp replacement and upgrade  to the Poolscape system (Annually)

10. Blanketweed and algae treatment including Pond Logs, Green Control-Natural, Microbe-lift, Water Cleanser Blocks, Swimmers Itch Copper Treatment and Limescale Magnate (As Required)

11. Decking treatment and upgrading to high quality Millboard 

12. Electrical testing of all equipment including control systems (Annual)

13. Zodiac Pool robot service and replacement baskets

14. Gravel pathways, weeding and replacement/top up (Annual)

15. Pruning of plants, shrubs and trees around the pool (As Required)

16. Pool and pathways, light bulb replacement

17. Pump servicing and replacement  if necessary (Annual)

18. Skimmers power washing and basket replacement (As Required)

19. Paving power washing and repointing 

20. Living pool thermal cover cleaning 

21. Living pool heating system servicing


      A. Skimmer 

      B. Filter bed plants (from our in-house aquatic nursery)

      C. Liner and underlay 

      D. Filter grit 

      E. Local site visit

      F. Swimmers Itch Copper Treatment

      G. Limescale Magnate

A selection of services we offer. 
If you need anything else, just ask, we can guarantee that we have experience in doing it!

·      General pond maintenance

·      Plants & planting

·      Fencing

·      Patios

·      Pergolas

·       Wildlife ponds

·       Garden ponds

·       Koi ponds & filtration

·       Local garden landscaping

·       Stone walling

·       Millboard decking 

·       Cedar decks and pontoons

·       Aquatic plants & planting

·       Aquatic equipment for lakes, pool and ponds

·       Waterfalls & water features

·       Natural stone paving

Please see below for further details on just some of the services we can offer.