Natural Swimming Pool Technology

The Natural Pool System: Technology

Unity of Ecology and Economy.

The BIOTOP Natural Pool realizes the principle of harmonious coexistence. A wall separates the swimming area from the regeneration zone, where impurities and excess nutrients are decomposed by plants and microorganisms.

1. Submerged Pump House

Biotop offers a pump house with a completely new concept. The pump is not placed in a “dry” enclosure; a submersible pump is installed in a flooded pump house. The pump does not “suck in” the water but flows into the pump house without pressure. The submersible pump sits on the floor of the pump house and transports the water into the natural pool through pressure lines.

2. Curved Sieve Skimmer

The curved sieve skimmer is a milestone in skimmer development. The water flows over a curved sieve. The mesh size of the sieve is only 0.3 mm. The advantage of this is that even slight impurities and mucilaginous alage get caught in the sieve. The impurities are removed from the system before the nutrients they contain get back into the water.

The sieve is self-cleaning, as the impurities are rinsed to the bottom. Due to a cleverly-devised mechanism, the water flow is regulated via a moveable skimmer flap that always allows exactly the right amount of water to flow over the sieve.

3. The Phosphorus Filter “PhosTec Ultra”

Without the use of chemicals the phosphorous filter “PhosTec” very effectively binds the phosphorous that is dissolved in the water and which is responsible for the growth of algae – essentially “starving the algae out”. The PhosTec Ultra can be built in optionally and put into operation if needed.

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