Koi Ponds & Filtration

These beautiful and valuable fish deserve the very best in care and welfare.

We have always understood this and worked hard with koi keepers to provide the right conditions in beautiful surroundings that show off healthy fish at their best. Sometimes meeting these conditions requires complex solutions.

Recently, a client wanted to show off his fish in a pool at the bottom of a large waterfall.
Keeping control of the water conditions for a relatively large number of fish was to present a challenge. We did it. The water from the waterfall fell into a hidden pool just behind the koi pool. The water from the koi pool was constantly gravity filtered and returned to the pool through jets hidden in the rocks edging the waterfall return pool. The illusion was complete and the fish got the best living conditions.

As specialists we offer:

  • Gravity fed filtration.  The surest and most reliable method.
  • Bottom drained pools.  The best and least disturbing method of pool cleaning.
  • On-site fibre-glassing service.  We ensure a snag and crease free surface for the most ambitious ponds.
  • Custom made box liners.
  • Diagnostics and a portable quarantine pool. If there is a problem with the koi we bring the quarantine pool to site where sick fish may recover or the customers pond can be emptied and cleaned after any problems have been rectified.
  • Viewing windows.  See your koi from a diver’s perspective.
  • Lighting.  Low voltage underwater lighting systems to make a night-time spectacle

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