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To get the best out of a larger pond it is a good idea to have a deck, jetty, pontoon or a combination of elements.

With a natural swimming pond, well planned decking is great for access to the deeper water over the planted shallow areas, diving, relaxing and sun bathing. Decking also provides a firm edge and helps prevent bank erosion. It provides a firm surface for garden furniture and entertaining.

Multi-level decks with railings and nautical accessories such as mooring rings and life-belts can provide a striking addition to the pond. A jetty gives you the sense of being on the water and in the middle of the aquatic environment. You may also need somewhere to moor a small boat.

We have built many, many decks in all shapes and sizes, with curved sides and straight.

Recently, we built a perfectly round platform for a yurt. We believe that safety is paramount, so we would rather slightly overengineer a structure to make sure it is absolutely firm and stable than cut corners.

We use millboard, cedar and hardwood decking according to customer requirements. We have even built sub-frames from steel. All timber comes from sustainable sources and we ensure that any coatings and treatments are not harmful to wildlife.

We can supply and fit low-wattage lighting schemes set into the decks to give a special atmosphere on lazy warm summer evenings. We supply and/or erect log cabins, hot tubs, pool rooms, gazebos and pergolas, follies and decorative open structures from recycled wood.

We will build to your designer or architects specification or you can use our design service and imagination. We love building these things and our customers love having them.

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