Traditional Landscaping Services

Traditional Garden Landscaping

Poolscape also offer a full traditional landscaping service to all of our customers. From Koi ponds to wildlife ponds, fencing panels to decking, patios to lawns and flower beds to pegolas, we do it all! Although we are very well known for our Natural Swimming Pools and Natural Ponds, we also have plenty of experience […]

Natural Swimming Pool Technology

The Natural Pool System: Technology Unity of Ecology and Economy. The BIOTOP Natural Pool realizes the principle of harmonious coexistence. A wall separates the swimming area from the regeneration zone, where impurities and excess nutrients are decomposed by plants and microorganisms. 1. Submerged Pump House Biotop offers a pump house with a completely new concept. […]

Koi Ponds & Filtration

These beautiful and valuable fish deserve the very best in care and welfare. We have always understood this and worked hard with koi keepers to provide the right conditions in beautiful surroundings that show off healthy fish at their best. Sometimes meeting these conditions requires complex solutions. Recently, a client wanted to show off his […]

Stone Walling

Many of our pools have bespoke stone walling and paving. We take care to match the construction style of other walls around the existing garden and house which helps to blend the natural swimming pool project in. The Poolscape team love to work with hand cut Forest of Dean stone, the same of which you […]

Decking Service

To get the best out of a larger pond it is a good idea to have a deck, jetty, pontoon or a combination of elements. With a natural swimming pond, well planned decking is great for access to the deeper water over the planted shallow areas, diving, relaxing and sun bathing. Decking also provides a […]

Natural Swimming Pool Maintenance

We specialise in: Natural swimming pool lining. Natural swimming pool maintenance. Natural swimming pool conversion. Public pools/semi. Pond Liner Welding. Poolscape is an accredited partner of Biotop and can provide all types of services related to this system, we do however work on all types of pool and can guarantee a top quality service on […]

Wildlife Pools

These are a particular favourite of our customers Customers know how important it is these days to do what they can to encourage wildlife diversity in this age of monoculture, pesticides and pond drainage. For many gardens the magic ingredient is…….water! Once a wildlife pond has been dug out, carefully shaped, lined, landscaped in, filled […]

Natural Swimming Pool Lining Service

A list of the many services available from our Natural Swimming Pool Welding Team. Professionally trained by our experienced knowledgeable team via Biotop International. Famous for lining and building the first public natural swimming pool at Love2stay in Shrewsbury. Site surveys for commercial and domestic projects. Proud to use only the highest grade of materials. High quality […]

Natural Swimming Ponds Consultancy

We offer a full range of consultancy and advisory services, in particular: Water testing for natural swimming pond and living pool fill water suitability. Natural and chemical water treatment methods. Lake management and pollution control. Biotop conversions and rescue.   Chlorine cleaned swimming pools can be converted to Biotop Natural Swimming ponds or Biotop Living Pools. – […]

BIOTOP Natural Swimming Ponds

The beautiful alternative: Poolscape has long experience in creating crystal-clear wildlife and ornamental fish ponds using chemical free methods. We are pleased to say that through our partnership with Biotop of Vienna we now create the very best in natural swimming pools and ponds. Biotop™ are an innovative and market-leading company based in Austria. Founder […]