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Poolscape has long experience in creating crystal-clear wildlife and ornamental fish ponds using chemical free methods. We are pleased to say that through our partnership with Biotop of Vienna we now create the very best in natural swimming pools and ponds.

Biotop™ are an innovative and market-leading company based in Austria. Founder and CEO, Peter Petrich is a limnologist (an expert in freshwater bodies) with a profound understanding of the way that a balanced mixture of plants, aquatic wildlife and minerals can keep water crystal clear and healthy to swim in without the need for chemicals such as chlorine. Biotop systems and equipment are installed in thousands of natural pools worldwide. As a fully accredited partner, we have exclusive access to Biotop services including:

  • Full water analysis essential to a successful outcome
  • Patented equipment including the Phostec Ultra
  • Advice and planning
  • Continuous product development.
  • Access to thousands of ponds for viewing by prospective customers.

For a detailed explanation of how the Biotop™ Natural Swimming Pond works, visit the Biotop site at

A Biotop™ Natural Swimming Pond offers:

  • Swimming in chemical free water.
  • A beautiful landscaped year round amenity.
  • Less maintenance.
  • Fun and education for children and adults.
  • An ecologically balanced haven for wildlife.
  • A healthy, ionised micro-climate.
  • A wonderful asset for entertaining in your garden.

Clients choosing to have a Biotop™ Natural Swimming Pond from Poolscape will benefit from:

  • Prior visits to our show pool and other Biotop pools.
  • Professional Pool & surrounding landscape design by an award winning designer.
  • Personal service and attention to detail.
  • The promotion of ecologically powered pumps, heaters and lighting.
  • The installation and building of pool houses and other facilities.
  • Top quality decks and jetties.
  • Carefull thought out and executed planting schemes.
  • Maintenance contracts to clear annual plant growth & retain water quality.

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